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Growth and development

We assist you in monitoring your child health and development and provide the necessary advice where applicable.


We treat your child accordingly based on their needs in situations of infections.


Immunization as early as 2 months old is provided here. Refer HERE for the immunization requirement in Malaysia. (http://infomed.com.my/vaccination-in-malaysia)

Diseases and conditions

We manage any diseases and conditions in children. In scenarios where certain conditions are not manageable, we refer them accordingly to a tertiary center.

Nutrition and fitness

We educate parents on the right nutrition for children to ensure that they grow up healthily. By providing the right nutrition and encouraging children to be more active, we can prevent obesity which eventually leads to a number of lifestyle diseases.

Emotions and behaviours

A child’s emotion is equally important as this is crucial to be acknowledged and managed accordingly so that they grow up being confident and assured adults.

School and family life

Parents should always be involved in their child’s school life as this part of their daily interactions with their child. Issues from low self-esteem, bullying are all common occurrence nowadays.