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Birth control

Giving advice on the appropriate form of birth control

Sexually transmitted diseases and prevention:

Providing awareness and advice on prevention and treatment.

Cervix cancer, pap smear and vaccination

We provide advice on your cervical cancer risk, and prevention of cervical cancer through screening and vaccination.


It is important for ladies to perform breast self-examination on a monthly basis as the best tool for breast cancer detection is your pair of hands. We provide advice and education on breast cancer prevention and do screening using ultrasound scans.

Chronic diseases

With technology and increased convenience on human lives, we are encountering more chronic conditions in women. As always, lifestyle modification is still most crucial in ensuring chronic diseases are well cared for. Together with proper and appropriate treatment from us, we can ensure that chronic disease are well managed.

Healthy aging

We strive to guide you to healthy aging.

Heart health

Heart problem is currently equally prevalent in women due to changing of lifestyle. We educate women on heart health maintenance and management of risks that contributes to heart problems.


We guide you throughout your pregnancy and provide ultrasounds scanning to monitor your babies’ growth. We also provide breast feeding guides to ensure that you can breastfeed confidently after delivery.


Educating and preparing the mind and body to menopause is a very crucial step to menopause.

Safe medication and supplement use

We advise our clients on safe medication use. Medication, prescribed by health professional is very safe, it is only risky to us if we take them without the right advice.

Aesthetics and anti aging

Aging gracefully is the new mantra for women nowadays. Read more HERE for more of our aesthetic procedures available.

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